Site size How many unique (non-templated) pages will your site have?
Templated pages usually consist of:
  • blog posts
  • category/tag pages
  • index pages
For templated pages, just count each unique template as 1 page.
Site features What is the main purpose or your site?
Blog posts / News articles How many blog posts or news articles do you have?
Number of e-commerce products on site Approximately how many products will you be selling on the website?
Number videos/audio files on site Approximately how many video or audio files will be on the site?
Design Will we be converting your existing design (with some possible minor alterations), or do you want a new design or theme?
Written Content Will there be any new content or existing content that needs to be rewritten?
Hosting and Maintenance

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Total Estimate:$1500.00

no monthly fee